During an energy healing people will experience:

Physical relief

Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental Clarity

Deep Peace and Spirit love

And some experience:

Visions of Past Lives

Spirit Guides

The Ethereal or Spiritual realms

Their-Soul or Higher Selves

Tingling throughout the body

Attitudinal Transformation

Keith's areas of expertise include:

Spiritual Purification and Growth.

All Holistic Issues.

Destiny and purpose questions.

Tune into others in your life in relationship to you.

Physical Problems or concerns.

Emotional wounds or traumas.

General dilemmas of life.

Relationship questions.

Problems with children.

Past Life interference.

Inner child needs.

Financial concerns.

Career questions.

Mediating opposing points of view.

Family and social issues.

Loneliness wellbeing.

Personal empowerment.

Communicate and work with deceased loved ones.


“Thanks again for that wonderful session I had with you. This great healing has had an enormous impact on me and has helped me to make a big, big shift. Thank you. B. L. Holland

"The feeling of being touched at a deep level of soul is hard to put into words. But it was there I felt touched. Something there was released and my inner being was comforted. In the days following my session with Keith, the blessings continued to appear as moments of gentle awakening, new awareness, and a deep inner joy." Allison.Bruns, Spiritual Seeker, Seattle, WA

“How can I ever thank you enough!? Thank you for the clarity and acceleration of my lessons.” K. S. New Mexico

"The intense love and spiritual power that Keith is in his healing sessions activated and cleared out a lot of emotional debris and greatly empowered me to love myself."' D.D. Artist. Seattle, WA

“The light from Keith's Guides really shines through! Keith is gifted at bringing my lessons into the light and shows me how to the transform them. His non-judgmental and humble nature helps me find my own inner peace.” Lucy Clark, O'ahu, HI

“Your toning was astonishing!” L. B.

"I have been to a variety of healers, but am impressed most by Keith's loving manner, precise intuitive sense, and power in initiating a deep healing experience. I have laughed, cried, and moved as never before, releasing withheld energy while in a peaceful and calm state." K. K. Hawaii

“Since that last appointment with Keith I feel a lot different than I have in the past. He triggered something in me that worked and I am much more mature that I have been. I feel different about a lot of things. Thanks.”  B. L. Alaska

"My life changed when I got my healing from Keith. I feel more whole and loved than ever. I saw my life in a clarity that gave me a whole new confidence. I love myself better." J.C., Reno, NV

"The toning is out of this world." K.J. Shopkeeper Maui, Hl


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1-4 oz Colloidal Silver Mister

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Call 808-776-1191 Now To Book

Keith Amber


Keith Amber

40 Years Professional Experience

as a Deep, Clear, and Gifted

Spiritual Therapist &

Psychic Healer-Reader



If you doubt yourself in ANY issue in your life, Keith offers Psychic Wisdom to help you make the right choices and gain confidence in the direction to take. He is an Outstanding Medical Intuitive, and a Wholesome Relationship expert. Keith offers a roadmap to understand and get through ALL problems, issues and negative attitudes, behaviors or experiences plaguing your life.


- Spiritual Mentor for new or seasoned spiritual students.

-Creative coaching for difficult quandaries and challenging decision-making

-Insights for improving your quality of life

-Uncanny ability to get you on the right track on almost any issue

-Relationship and Love Issues: Family; Friends; Children; Deceased

-Stuck Issues from Current, Past Lives and Inner Child

-Illnesses, Diseases, Strange Occurring Health Issues

What is a Healing/Reading?

Phone healings are great—surprisingly. Energy easily transfers from one place to another, so distance is irrelevant. Each session is different, depending on what is up in the moment. Questions, dilemmas, health issues, even puzzles, are welcome.

Each session includes sound healing or Toning. Given a chance, even over the phone, Toning is likely to set you abuzz. Your Higher Power is always present for each session getting you exactly the information you are ready for.

With Keith Amber, your Higher Power and Spirit Guides compassion is abundant. Grounded solutions or strategies are regularly suggested. If you follow them daily (assuming they resonate with you) you will change the energy pattern troubling you—and that part of you will be transformed.

A Little History

Keith has been committed all his life to helping others. From his childhood on through his teenage years he was compelled to help the underdog and to figuring out life’s mysteries. Then, at the age of 22, he began as a masseur. As his hands would move about the body they would notice troubled areas (Medical Intuitive emerging naturally). Soon images accompanied the process along with suggestions on how to transform the underlying patterns causing the dis-ease.

After a few years some clients began calling Keith a Psychic Soul Healer. The term Psychic was used because of Keith’s uncanny ability to connect with a client’s Higher Power, Soul and Spirit Guides and figure out what underlying life-issues were causing the difficulties in their daily lives. The term Therapist came from the recurring comments from clients telling Keith that they got more help in one hour from Keith then they had gotten over years in therapy. This is because of Keith’s ability to uncover how clients co-create the current problems, issues and wounds in their life from earlier in their current lives, past lives or negative soul patterns. When this information sees the light of day it is difficult to remain angry, hurt and stuck. Healing and transformation can occur rapidly.

Over the years Keith has mastered getting out of the way allowing the client’s Spirit Guides and Higher Power to help him unlock the secrets keeping the problems stuck and provide grounded solutions to gently ease the client’s life forward.


Most Recurring Client Comment: “You are able to get into the heads of and know where people are coming from better than any other psychic I’ve been to!”

I intuitively 'know' that you are the best of the best, and when I say that, count on it being true. You see SO deep and SO far past all of the distractions in this life and, your readings are so much for the 'Ultimate Good'. EF

I can't thank you enough for your help today. I felt better during my reading and have ever since. The tools you gave me to "empty the trash" resonate very strongly with me. I feel the negativity from my family moving away from me sooner than later. Thank you again. God Bless You, LA

Your advice, counseling, and psychological insight is much better than any I would receive from a professional and it worked! Thanks, JS

Thank you, Keith, for getting me unstuck. Creative Spaces is now flowing nicely - I woke up this morning in a grateful, humbled-out place. I appreciate your straight-talk that gets me off of my high horse! Jill

I just wanted to thank you so much for the reading today. I have to say it wasn't quite what I expected, but it was a great experience and I learned so much more about myself than I ever thought possible. I am going to follow your guidance and see where this journey leads. Thank you again! May God bless you and your wife for all the good you do. Yoly


Rates for a session with Keith:

$150: 1 Hour
$75: 1/2 Hour,
$40: 1/4 Hour

Call 808-776-1191 Now To Book (you are calling Hawaii)
International number 001 808-776-1191

*Sessions also available on Skype, call or email to schedule a time. 

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