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Spirals of Truth©

By Sharmai Amber with Keith Amber

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"Are you sure that is your truth today?" Master Leviticus asked me.

At the time he was my spiritual teacher, channeling often through my husband, David. This occurred during the period of my life that I wrote about in The Melding.

"Today? What do you mean today?" I asked.

"You had a major breakthrough last night Dear One. Your truth will no longer be the same. You are no longer the same person that you were yesterday. Perhaps you should look deeper?" Leviticus counseled.

He was right. I had changed and my truth had changed right along with me. The notion was a bit scary. What other steadfast beliefs, or truths, had also evolved? Suddenly my foundation seemed to rock. Noticing the inner turmoil Leviticus continued.

"Truth is ever evolving, Dear One. One must never take their truth for granted. In the Great Radiant One's wisdom he created truth on ever evolving upward spirals. As his children grow, mature and wizen so to does their truth evolve upwards. Some of the truths that you were taught as a child no longer fit today. Times change and so too must the beliefs that guide your life. Outdated truths and beliefs are limiting."

As I pondered his words I remembered how I examined everything I was told as a teenager. Everyone did. Some stuff got abandoned. It didn't feel right. Now, Leviticus was pointing out the value of continuing that internal search as a natural course of living on the path of enlightment. Leviticus was suggesting that as we evolve we should live in the question of whether our truths of yesterday still resonated today. Everything else evolves, why not our truths?

The sad part is that most of us loose that ability, or desire, to reexamine limits, beliefs, and truths, as we grow older. In our late teens, often based on wounds, childhood traumas, or immature idealism, we adopt a set of rules, beliefs, and limits that we follow the rest of our lives-often without thought.

What a tragedy!

The very people we look up to for guidance and truth will tell you that to become a leader they had to let go of all types of limiting beliefs and rules, and reexamine their truths. They had to shed what didn't work and search for what did work. They had to think for themselves, be willing to be different, and freely express those differences. Being unique was vital.

Our truth lives in our hearts and communicates through feelings or "knowing." These “knowings” are sent from our heart and soul to guide us into vast new possibilities. They are our Higher Selves attempt to stretch us into limitlessness. Are you listening?

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