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By Sharmai Amber with Keith Amber
Excerpt taken from Steps to Enlightenment ©

For Accurate, Pertinent Information regarding Your OwnPreBirth or Soul Contract,
Soulmates and Karmic Lessons, get a Psychic Reading With Keith Amber

Some humans are obsessed with finding their soulmates. They believe a relationship with a soulmate will be easy, romantic, magical, and naturally aligned. Many also think that they have only one perfect soulmate. They think they need their soulmate to complete themselves: the one that they can be whole with. A great emphasis has been placed on soulmates, and people have a misguided ideal of what one actually is. Here is a great story about soulmates.

I contracted in my prebirth or soul contract with my mother to have her keep me from reaching my higher destiny. She was a formidable, intelligent woman who was tough to get past. She judged all things spiritual, metaphysical, and mystical—my very lifeblood—as evil, and did everything in her power to stop me from touching those worlds as a teenager. I chose such a prebirth or sacred contract because the challenge would qualify and prepare me for the difficult circumstances to come after I had left my family home.

My mother, brother, and I shared a past life during the Roman times. My mother was my brother's and my boss as Roman Gladiators. My brother and mother, in that lifetime, had a strong bond together and shared the same unenlightened views. In a life and death battle between my brother and myself, I was victorious. His hateful dying words expressed his promise to get revenge. He brought this promise forward into this lifetime. Our relationship in this lifetime has most certainly reflected this rift from an early age. In the final hours of my Roman lifetime, I shifted and became more enlightened, and I brought that consciousness forward to this lifetime. This allowed me to gain my freedom from the bonds of the rift that my brother still carries in his heart. Both my brother and mother are my soulmates.

Defining Soulmate Connections

Soulmates come in many forms from siblings, to our children, to our parents, to our spouses, to our friends, or co-workers. The relationships range from healthy to unhealthy. No soulmate is ever intended to take the place of another's own well-being and wholeness. Soulmates are souls that are here for us to work out our life lessons with and we have shared many past lives with them as well. Here is a list of soul connections on earth, beginning in their broadest form:

Marriage versus Divorce

Too often humans want their soulmates, from whichever level, to complete them rather than completing themselves. When a soul has lessons of loneliness, it would be more productive to get at peace with being alone.
When it no longer matters whether you are alone or not, then the time is ripe to consider a relationship. Soul connections on all levels are designed to facilitate our lessons. Many people want perfect relationships without putting the time and energy into working out inherent lessons. They think that finding the right person can take the place of doing the work required to keep the relationship working right. I have heard many couples who have been together for 30 or more years comment that any good relationship takes work.

The relationship between Keith and myself was certainly no different, and required a dedication to maturely choosing personal growth to facilitate alignment and wise progression. A good marriage is worth it many times over. Many couples are meant to stay together and work out their differences, choosing to learn their lessons rather than running away from the difficulties and getting divorced. Often with a premature divorce, the same conditions and problems show up in the next relationship because the lessons were not learned in the first marriage. On the flip side, there are couples who are contracted to be married for a specific period of time so each can learn certain lessons and then get divorced. In these contracted situations, after a certain point, staying together becomes very counterproductive. Staying married or getting divorced are tricky questions with no simple formula that applies to everyone. Marriage and divorce is written into our prebirth or soul contracts.

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Excerpt taken from Steps to Enlightenment ©





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