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Living in the Question©
Self-Mastery Exercise: Living in the Question

By Sharmai Amber with Keith Amber

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I had the privilege for a couple years to have a wonderful teacher. His name was Master Leviticus and he channeled through my husband, David. Leviticus was a rigorous and compassionate teacher who was most interested in getting me to tap my greatest human spiritual potential. To that end he came up with several avenues for me to search deeper into my soul.

Several years ago a friend of mine and I decided to co-lead a workshop. A day or so later my Guides lifted the veils and allowed me to see a dark side of my friend. At the time I was in rigorous discernment training, learning about how to discern the dark in others, and more importantly what to do about it once I saw it.

Upon identifying the dark in my friend I immediately asked to speak to Leviticus. I asked him if I should work with this lady—after all, she clearly had a dark side. I had yet to fully own my own dark side!

Leviticus would not give me the ready-made wise answer that I sought. I wanted to know now if I should proceed or not. I did not want to spend, or waste, another meeting with my friend if it was not going to work. Leviticus refused. "I believe you need to live in the question on this Dear One. I suggest you spend time with her in planning every day for a week and see how you feel at the end of the week. We will discuss it with you again then."

For one addicted to having immediate answers, whether they were right or wrong, I felt as if I had been thrown in an abyss of unknowing. It was very uncomfortable. Yet as the days rolled by I was amazed at how my willingness changed day by day as more information rolled in. One day I was sure I did not want to proceed. The next day it was the opposite.

Finally at the end of the week Leviticus came to talk. "What have you decided Dear One?"

"I've decided that I will work with her. I realize that I too have my dark sides yet to be transformed as does everyone."

Leviticus went on to urge me to release my addiction to "pictures." "Pictures," he explained, "remain constant allowing no room for FLOW. Windows, on the other hand, have an ever changing view, allowing for the natural flow of life to emerge."

That was a tough lesson for one who forever craved certainty and solid footing. I have learned, however, how to live in the question. To allow as many answers to surface until an answer feels right throughout every cell of my body. To no longer move forward in a direction until enough data has come in and all of me is sure that I am moving in the wisest direction for my highest possible spiritual fulfillment.

Self-Mastery Exercise: Living in the Question

1.  Take an issue that requires you to make a decision.
2.  Vow not to make a final decision for a week.
3.  Meditate or ponder the issue every day for a week.
4.  Notice if the information that comes in changes your mind as the week progresses.
5.  Look for the answer that resonates throughout your being.

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