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Learning To Identify and Interpret Omens
Self-Mastery Exercise: Noticing Omens

By Sharmai Amber with Keith Amber
Excerpt taken from Steps to Enlightenment ©

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Our higher selves and guides work diligently during our waking hours to guide us along the path to enlightenment, while at night we are all with them on the ethereal plane. Direct messages come in the form of confirmation chills, lucid dreams, inner voices, inner visions, inner “knowings,” and synchronous events. Not everyone has developed an ability to consciously hear or see their guides and higher self, and for that reason, great care has been taken to set up an intricate system for sending and interpreting omens. The body itself is rich with meaning and can be used to guide us along our path. Nature is also fertile with meaning, and readily assists in sending messages to humans. Our cars and houses also mirror our lives, bodies, and lessons, and incidents with each are abundant with messages. These messages come in an infinite number of ways in the form of synchronous events and omens. Our guides and higher selves start with subtle omens. If we miss the messages, or refuse to move in the intended direction, our guides resort to more aggressive messages. A subtle omen might be a paper cut on a finger. An aggressive omen might be a broken or burned finger, or worse. Omens are delivered daily, and require us to be living in the question of wonderment, “What does that mean? Why did that happen? What is the message? What direction should I take? Where am I stuck?” The timing of omens is also important. For instance, when you get a cut finger, notice the thoughts you are having at the time. This will help guide you to an accurate interpretation.

Here is a sampling of messages and potential meanings:

Louise Hays’ You Can Heal Your Life is valuable for learning the metaphysical meaning of body parts and the underlying meanings of illnesses. These interpretations give you a general idea of where you are stuck, usually in your emotions or beliefs. Then you can start to work on transforming the underlying stuck areas.

When omens come in illuminating a lack of flow, you might consider that you are pursuing a bright idea rather than an activity supported by your higher self. When our knee gets banged we need to look for where we are too rigid and how we can loosen our positions or beliefs. There is a feeling, usually in our solar plexus, that comes with omens either supporting or warning. When the omen can be interpreted in either way, such as with the computer crashing, we then need to rely on the inner resonation. What interpretation comes up first and does that interpretation feel right? Should we go forward or not? Do we need to adjust and go slightly different? If you are not sure of the answer, consult with someone you trust for their take on it and then see if you resonate with that.

It is important to interpret omens newly for each instance. The meanings can change instantaneously, based on other shifting factors that we may not be aware of. Omens turn into superstitions when a permanent interpretation is assigned to them.

Self-Mastery Exercise: Noticing Omens

We receive omens every day. The more we pay attention and listen to the omens, the more our guides and higher selves send to us. To become more aware of omens coming to you take a day to focus on omens. Any day will do. Set your intent in the morning to be mindful of omens. Place a ribbon around your wrist to remind your self. Then notice everything:

  1. With each potential omen, wonder for a few seconds what the message is.
  2. Notice the first thought that comes to mind.
  3. Does it resonate?
  4. Repeat this process for a month. You will awaken your awareness to omens and tap an invaluable source of personal guidance.

Please share this information with all your friends and family!

Excerpt taken from Steps to Enlightenment ©





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