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Karma and Our PreBirth Contracts© (or Soul Contract or Sacred Contract)
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The Karmic Dance©

By Sharmai Amber with Keith Amber
Excerpt taken from Steps to Enlightenment ©

For Accurate, Pertinent Information regarding Your Own Karma and PreBirth or Sacred Contract, get a Psychic Reading With Keith Amber


The human potential movement has swept the country. Some of its offshoots, including bestselling books and teachings, use popular jargon such as "co-creating," "manifesting," and "setting your intent." However, the essence is still the same; these teachings call forth our desire to tap into our greatest potential:  personally, financially, physically, and spiritually. They promise that you can go from a so-called "disempowered loser" to a highly empowered winner. They tell you to forget how you really feel, put on a smile, and achieve your goals. Many coach you to rev yourself up, use your mind power and psychic force to discipline yourself, and demand the universe deliver what you want from it. You are worthy of financial prosperity! You are entitled to the ideal relationship or career. The universe is abundant! Why shouldn't you have everything you want? You deserve it! At its essence, this movement has promised that you can reach your goals, whatever they may be. Indeed, it promises you that you can have what you want, when you want it.

The problem is that the Human Potential movement entirely misses three critical factors: your personal karma, your soul's karma, and your soul's wish to contribute back to the whole.

The Laws of Karma

Karma, both positive and negative, is behind every experience that is brought our way. Karma is the law of cause and effect—you reap what you sow.  The law of negative karma states that when we act outside the parameters of soul enhancing behavior, the universe will bring us lessons. These lessons are designed for us to learn the appropriate behavior based on universal laws. Negative karma tends to draw in challenging circumstances that force us to grow and mature. From financial troubles to relationship difficulties, from loss to illness—our negative karma is responsible for the obstacles and difficulties on our path.
The fastest, most potent, and purest way to earn our way back to grace, is to gain understanding into why these uncomfortable conditions and events are happening.  This involves learning the lessons presented and vowing never to behave in that way again.   Other varieties of coping include: forcing, manipulating, manifesting, visualizing, and intending alternative conditions, and can bring about better times only temporarily. In the long run however, by using these methods you have only created more negative karma. You will still have to learn the original karma (or lesson) that you are pushing away.

The law of positive karma states that when we give above and beyond what is expected, grace will come our way.

Our Prebirth Contract (also called your Soul Contract or Sacred Contract)

Many of us don't truly understand that we are living a lifetime for our soul's spiritual purpose, not for our immediate gratification, ego, or personality. Most of us know that we have free will, yet we have not understood this idea properly. Our higher self has a different interpretation of free will. On earth, we have a choice in how we will respond to the circumstances, opportunities, and challenges that our higher self and guides bring into our daily path—not that we get to choose what is on our daily path. We may try, wish, pray, intend, push, and desire, but in the end we are meant to yield to the wishes of our higher self, not our own. That is a huge difference from the Human Potential movement, which declares that you can have anything you want, when you want it. 

All of the lessons and situations we encounter in our lifetime are based on our prebirth or soul contract that is written by our higher selves. This sacred contract is the driving force underneath every moment in our lives. It lays out, in detail, the lessons (karma) we are to embrace and the skills we are to master. It determines our parents and siblings; our physical make-up, including maladies or unusual gifts; pets; spouses; sexual orientation; the predominant emotions we will endeavor to master; which careers we will embrace; the probable age we will die; which hobbies we will pursue; which contributions we are to make, etc.

For most humans, when the amniotic fluid breaks, an enzyme is released that triggers the beginning of amnesia in the infant. This amnesia, this forgetting our past and where we are from, takes about two years to fully set in. Babies often know a great deal. They are able to know why they are here and who their soul is. They can also be aware of what their purpose on earth is and what job they are here to accomplish. At approximately two years of age, most of this knowledge has faded from memory and a veil has descended.  Then the great challenge is on: to find our way back to that knowledge and fulfill our destiny.

There are rare exceptions to the amnesia process. The prebirth or sacred contract of some souls does not impose total amnesia. The Karmic Board, a group of higher evolved souls who oversee and, if necessary, modify every person's contract prior to their birth, must agree with this exception only for various appropriate karmic reasons.

My Path to Enlightenment

I did not learn these universal truths at Yale or Harvard, or through any other conventional path. My source of spiritual education began at the age of 19 when I first witnessed channeling: a process where a non-physical "person" with higher wisdom, in my case a light guide (there are many dark guides that channel through as well) inhabits someone (the channel) in order to teach others, who are present at the time. Over the years, I have developed and honed my telepathic skills and now I communicate directly with many of the same guides through telepathy, rather than using a channel to communicate.

For me these non-physical guides have been focused on teaching me the path to enlightenment. Some of the essential perspectives they have taught me include the following:

It was with the help of these tools that I was exposed to more than 2000 hours of rare, high-quality trance channeling with guides anchored in the light. I did not know at the time that they were training me to co-host and produce Mastering Ourselves, our radio program, and to write helpful and enlightening material for others. At the time I simply felt incredibly privileged to be at the receiving end of such profound information. And having an ability to remember their teachings accurately was also an asset. These great ethereal teachers taught me the importance of including spirit in every level of my life. They taught me how to embrace my Highest Human Spiritual Potential.

This guidance was potent, clear, and anything but ego stroking. After years of this training — of having my dark side exposed and then transforming it, of observing life and karma closely in myself and others, and evolving until I finally lived these truths, I have found that these teachings answered all of my questions concerning why things are the way they are; from the intense poverty in the world, to disasters, crime, rape, greed, selfishness, and all the perplexing pain in the world. I have learned what to do when we are experiencing negative karmic lessons and how to grow through them. This book represents the teachings of these knowledgeable guides, their wisdom, and indeed their very words.

Reaching our Highest Human Spiritual Potential

So what is our highest human spiritual potential? How is it different from the Human Potential Movement?

The lessons, opportunities and challenges that are listed in our prebirth or sacred contract are designed to teach us what we need to learn so we will be prepared to achieve our highest human spiritual potential. However, if we resist these lessons and make poor choices that keep us derailed, we reduce our chances of ever reaching our higher destiny.

When we make the right choices, we begin to fulfill our soul's purpose. We are stretched, through lessons, into mastering ourselves further. And as we continue this process, we begin to tap our highest human spiritual potential. It is the very destiny our souls seek for us to attain. To accomplish this we will inevitably be called upon to tackle and master our own dark sides; pay karmic debts; get along with difficult people and situations; develop numerous skills; master emotions; neutralize judgments; heal old wounds; learn balance and wisdom; and transform soul patterns. And, as we develop and transform, our higher selves and our souls do as well.

This is a life devoted to surrendering to the will of God, according to our innate perfect plan. God exists within each of us. When we surrender to our prebirth or soul contract, we are indeed surrendering to a higher calling and to God. Here we leave behind the "I want what I want when I want it" from the Human Potential Movement and New Age movement, and move into the spiritual path that leads directly to enlightenment—ultimate right action, contribution, and fulfillment. It is not the path for the faint of heart. It challenges us every day. It is a lifestyle, a natural and profound way of being, every day in every situation. This path welcomes people from all lifestyles, all religions, all income brackets, all countries, and all conditions. Wherever you are starting from, you can accelerate your steps to enlightenment by choosing, in this moment, to follow the path set out by your higher self, transcend your ego, and override your surface wants.


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Excerpt taken from Steps to Enlightenment ©



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