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Karma and Our PreBirth Contracts© (or Soul Contract or Sacred Contract)
Self-Mastery Exercise # 5: Karmic Lessons

By Sharmai Amber with Keith Amber
Excerpt taken from Steps to Enlightenment ©

For Accurate, Pertinent Information regarding Your Own Karma, PreBirth or Soul Contract and Karmic Lessons, get a Psychic Reading With Keith Amber

There is a karmic board made up of several wise, enlightened beings who deeply understand the laws of the universe. These beings have developed and matured themselves to the point of being able to judge souls with compassion, fairness, and without personal bias. They oversee, modify, and stamp for approval every single person's prebirth or soul contract prior to their earthly conception. That's over six billion souls, not including the animal kingdom and every other living organism.

The karmic board is so called because it is our karma, positive and negative, that drives our lives forward, not our past lives. Our actions, what we did or did not do in our past lives, are what are important, not, that we had a past life. It is these past actions, and our soul's past actions on the ethereal plane, that determine our karma. Every challenge, opportunity, lesson, serendipity, and grace is based on our karma. Our entire prebirth or sacred contract is based on our karmic lessons and how best to use these lessons to train and prepare us to accomplish our greater purpose on earth. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone.

Soul's Actions on the Ethereal Plane

We have seen movies and television shows that portray our souls, or higher selves, living in places that look very much like earth. This is closer to the truth than many realize. All places on earth have similar corresponding ethereal locations. The difference between the ethereal plane and earth is that on the ethereal plane the molecules are further apart, or less solid, than they are on the physical plane, earth. This means that you can pass through an ethereal person without actually running into them.

Heaven and hell do not exist as specific places where we are either eternally graced or doomed to exist after death. Rather, our souls come from a vast array of ethereal homes that resonate at our current level of enlightenment. When we die we rejoin our soul and we continue on our path to enlightenment.

Star Trek-The Next Generation is not so far-fetched in its portrayal of life in the galaxy. This type of media is channeled to earth to help awaken us to our soul's reality and remember our ethereal homes. Like the characters on Star Trek-The Next Generation, our souls have positive and negative personality traits, jobs, best friends, those we avoid, bosses, foibles, pets, homes, lovers, spouses, children, curiosity, war, and peace. Some are constantly working to improve themselves, while others have a great propensity for trouble. Our souls can also meditate, negotiate, rest, communicate mind to mind, love, hate, and be impassioned. The main reason our souls choose to come to the physical plane is that earthly limitations provide an environment that facilitates lessons. These lessons are far more difficult to learn in the relatively unlimited world of the ethereal plane.

Our higher selves wear one outfit that reflects their core essence. They change it only when they have transformed a significant part of themselves and their outfit no longer resonates with their essence. They have an ability to choose a body shape that also resonates deeply. I once knew a higher self who channeled through a fellow on earth who told his audience that in his natural ethereal form he was a very big guy (had he been physical he would have been over six feet tall and over 300 pounds). He chose this shape because it mirrored his robust zest for life. Higher selves have possessions that they value, but it is different on the ethereal plane. Our higher selves are able to manifest with thought. The main reason a soul chooses to come to a physical place like earth is because the limitations provide an environment that facilitates lessons that are far more difficult to learn in the more unlimited world of the ethereal plane.

Our soul decides which negative patterns it is ready to transform and then chooses to have a lifetime on earth, or, more accurately, a series of coordinated interwoven lifetimes and lessons. These negative patterns are counter to the flow and well-being of life, even though they are a part of the soul's makeup when they are born out of God. It is the soul's duty to God to transform these patterns into light en route back to the Godhead, the concentrated area of God where souls merge back into wholeness. It is the job of our souls, who are anchored in both the dark and the light, to refine themselves on behalf of God. Though we are all one, and all contain God within, we are still individual personalities with individual traits in need of transforming. This process of transformation culminates when we merge back into the Godhead.

Code of Ethics

Karma can be accumulated on the soul level or from your behavior in past lives. Universal laws establish proper ways of behavior that all souls must adhere to. Behaving outside these parameters indicates your need for education and lessons. On the human level, all of us need to transform the part of ourselves that has behaved badly so that we will never choose to behave that way again. As we accomplish this, we also transform the corresponding part of our soul. Negative patterns need to be transformed until the desire to behave badly no longer exists in our soul. For example, if we have a tendency to be physically abusive to others, we will need to reeducate that part of ourselves until the mere thought of hurting someone no longer comes into our mind (more on how to do that in chapter 8).

Positive karma is accrued when we act, in right action, above and beyond the call of duty, with no ulterior motive, and without pursuing any reward: ego, power, money, or otherwise.

It is inevitable that a higher self (our soul) and its corresponding human lower self will gather negative karma. God sends souls out with innate foibles so that they will transform their dark areas. These dark areas become interwoven into the prebirth or soul contract of the human lower self. As a human transforms, their soul transforms, their Over Soul (an aspect of themselves that is one level closer to God) transforms, and so on until God transforms or evolves. It is God's great plan. Karma is always ebbing and flowing, and is never in perfect balance. The entire universe is set up so that all beings, human, humanoid (an ethereal being that looks human) and others, are to learn lessons. Lessons vary greatly from one corner of the universe to another, and are based on consistent, systematic, organized universal laws that encompass all dimensions.

There is not always harmony between the higher self and the lower self, and at those times the guides and Over Soul get involved to encourage progression on the path to enlightenment. When the higher self is stuck, and the lower self is progressing in an issue, the higher self can generate further negative karma. However, the efforts of the lower self will continue to balance the karma. Eventually, the higher self will transform the stuck area and progress as well.

Karmic Examples

One day, on our weekly radio show, Mastering Ourselves, Keith and I were talking about karma. During our discussion, the four non-physical guides that oversee Mastering Ourselves sent a powerful image. We were talking about a person who was born with physical deformities and was confined to a wheelchair. Most people would feel sorry for his predicament. He often had caregivers that were less than kind, tormenting him. He was powerless to stop their behavior and lived in his own utter hell.

Using my inner vision, the guides showed me the young man's past life actions that resulted in his current circumstances. I saw the young man sitting in his wheelchair, and standing behind him was a past life version of the young man. The man stood 6' 6" tall, with big brawny arms, and a menacing face. He looked ready to be physically violent. He was obviously a nasty character. Suddenly, I knew that this man had spent much of his life in a Siberian prison camp. He would beat people at the least provocation, even though he was significantly larger and stronger. He beat them because he could. His foul mood was constant.

Prior to birth of the young man in the wheelchair, his soul pondered how he could set up circumstances in his next life to teach the beast part of himself not to behave in such a way. He chose the challenges of spending a lifetime with a deformed, ailing body confined to a wheelchair. He then enlisted a number of souls to assist in the learning process and to treat him poorly, which they did because of the propensity in their own souls to behave badly. These aides still had a pattern for cruelty that would need to be transformed. Even though their behavior would be assisting another's transformation, they would not escape future consequences or the lessons empowering them to transform their own cruel pattern. The bad behavior of these aides was designed to teach the young man his lessons. While he may not have consciously understood why he was being treated so badly, his soul knew. His fastest road to freedom from torment would be to refrain from complaining, and instead search his soul to understand why this was happening. He would then transform his own beastly part by teaching it to understand that it is not appropriate to abuse others.

Karmic lessons indeed drive all of the uncomfortable challenges in our lives. Underneath our lack of whatever, lie our lessons. My husband, Keith, has a great story about his own karma. In one of his past lives, he was a wealthy physician and landowner. He was selfish, greedy, and paid no attention to people's needs. If his tenants didn't pay their rent, they were evicted, regardless of starvation, new family additions, or the cold of winter. Though this was the tenets' karma, his behavior was selfish and greedy. In order to repay this karmic debt, and to learn the lesson, Keith's soul set up circumstances in this lifetime where he was constantly earning money but never had any himself. During his marriage he earned money, but it was spent on everyone else. After his divorce, he was given unusually high child support payments. Over the years, Keith grew increasingly angry at the endless payments, the inability to get ahead, and the seemingly unfair circumstances. He believed that he was a good person, was dedicated to helping humankind, and that he deserved better than this. He resisted the lesson and the lesson persisted.

One day, while a friend of ours was in a trance channeling a high level, non-physical guide, Keith braved the question, "Why am I paying so much in child support?" The answer was simple, "You owe." The past life behavior was revealed to Keith and he was transformed, right before my eyes. The wind left the sails of his anger, and enlightenment registered in Keith's eyes. The guides continued, "You can pay your karmic debt here, or we can arrange for you to pay it somewhere else. Which do you prefer?" Amazingly, it is easy for the guides to manipulate things like this on the physical plane from their position on the ethereal plane. However, they only do this in alignment with right action according to appropriate karma. For instance, when Keith petitioned for the judge to reevaluate the amount of the child support payment, the guides would have placed a thought in the clerk's mind, nudging the clerk to give this particular case to a judge known for enforcing stiff child support payments. Had Keith been complete with his karma, the guides would have instead nudged the clerk to give Keith's case to a more lenient judge. This ensures proper karma is being paid and lessons are being learned.

That was it for Keith. From that point forward, he never complained again and owned that he had been out of line in that past life. He owed the universe for his bad behavior and was happy to have the opportunity to pay his debt. He vowed deep inside to never ever behave that way again. With time, as more of his karmic debt was paid, and as the lesson was learned with a humble attitude, grace came naturally to him. He earned it more quickly because he owned his dark side and permanently transformed it. Resisting only prolongs the lesson, the pain, and the payback. More karmic examples are listed at the end of the chapter after the Self-Mastery Exercise # 5: Karmic Lessons.

A soul goes before the karmic board when the soul has completed designing their prebirth or soul contract, including which lessons/karma they will embrace. The prebirth or sacred contract also includes how the soul will use its newly developed enlightenment to contribute back to the greater good of all. One or more members of the karmic board go over the prebirth or soul contract in detail, making suggestions based on their assessment of whether the soul has taken on too much or too little. The karmic board and the soul work together, to find a fair balance for all. Once agreed upon, the prebirth or sacred contract is placed in the ethereal heart of the fetus. From there it pulses out a magnetic signature that draws to the human the experiences that align with their prebirth or soul contract. Our lives are truly owned and guided by our prebirth or sacred contracts. Our free will exists within those parameters. There are no accidents.

Self-Mastery Exercise # 5: Karmic Lessons

  1. Choose one persistent issue in your life. Take several minutes to wonder what kind of behavior in your past, in a past life, or in a soul pattern could draw to you such a recurring issue.
  2. If you meditate, use that time to ponder this issue. It may take several sittings to unlock the answer.
  3. Consider behavior that would be the opposite of your current issue. Picture yourself behaving that way and see if any part of you resonates with that behavior. This isn't about good or bad. It is about changes and soul growth.
  4. Once you uncover the negative pattern drawing in the persistent issue, consider what you need to do in order to change the negative behavior.
  5. When you are ready, take on another issue and repeat this process.

Listed below are a number of examples showing the past life or soul behavior that earned karmic lessons in this lifetime on earth:

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Excerpt taken from Steps to Enlightenment ©



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