Wisdom Musings©
A Year of Daily Doses

The Brilliance of the Universe:
How Animal and Human Lessons Intertwine©
Self-Mastery Exercise # 23: Experience the Brilliance in Nature

Another approach to Meditation©
Self-Mastery Exercise # 8: Using Meditation to its Fullest

Karma and Our PreBirth Contracts© (or Soul Contract or Sacred Contract)
Self-Mastery Exercise # 5: Karmic Lessons

Re-Raising Your Inner Child©
Self-Mastery Exercise # 33: Re-raising Your Inner Child

The Karmic Dance©

Living in the Question
Self-Mastery Exercise: Living in the Question

Spirals of Truth

Transformation Through Affirmations
Self-Mastery Exercise: Designing Affirmations

Learning To Identify and Interpret Omens
Self-Mastery Exercise: Noticing Omens

Why does God allow bad things to happen to children, innocent people, and good people?

Don't Blame God!

Free Will

Reaching for Your Higher Destiny

Emotions-- The Emotional Body Lesson

Dancing with God

Challenging Soul Lessons Knocking at our Door

Understanding Karma at a Deeper Level

The Power of Forgiveness

The 18 Laws of Life from HH Dalai Lama

Thanksgiving and American Exceptionalism

The Anatomy of Transformation

Angels Without Wings?  Hmmm?

There are no Victims Only Consequences



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Wisdom Musings©
A Year of Daily Doses

By Keith Amber

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  1. How entirely satisfied can one be with having only great financial wealth without also having a purposeful passion and peaceful centeredness?
  2. Ethnic cleansing is misnamed -‭ ‬it‭'‬s actually ethnic annihilation.
  3. The sacred is a secret from those who aren‭'‬t sacred.
  4. Every challenge and problem have a valuable silver lining included with it for whomever will persist to learn it and obtain it.
  5. We often need quiet time for our own mental clarity and personal wellbeing.  Provide for yourself.
  6. Great leaders don‭'‬t need polls to dictate their decisions -‭ ‬they are rather moved from their own proven experience and depth of character -‭ ‬popular or not.
  7. Life is always calling for you to be more.  But how far are you willing to go -‭ ‬how fine are you willing to get?
  8. A healthy capitalism is where everybody has access to earning sufficient money if they are willing to qualify and work for it.
  9. Many ‭"‬peace-lovers‭"‬ passionately proclaim: ‭"‬‭ ‬stop (all) war‭"‬.  But how about raising man's quality of life and behavior?  And if there is still sufficient aggression, violation and evilness set against mankind, sometimes the only mature, responsible, and compassionate thing to do is to fight it ‭- ‬war! No sane or caring person‭'‬s first choice.
  10. Get a life! - Get a faith-lift! - (connected to an authentic higher power and purpose)
  11. A functional people‭'‬s welfare system is meant to help empower people when they are down to get back up on their own feet, not to sustain them indefinitely - thus promoting a helpless dependency and an arrogant notion of entitlement.
  12. When you most always try your best, a time will come with your success.
  13. Egos have sensitive feelings, and strong reactions too.  But the question is -‭ ‬how much do they run you through and through?
  14. Worry projects a negative and doubtful believing, which is half into creating what you‭'‬ll be receiving.  There is no time like the present to redirect your misdirection.
  15. Be prepared! ‭- ‬Or left at the mercy of ‭- ‬whatever.
  16. Everyone is weird (talented, unique, different, wonderful, essential) in his/her own way.
  17. Each different mind-set-perspective made before and while you face a challenge, takes you to a different result.  For instance:  I can‭'‬t do it;  I‭'‬ll try to do it; or I‭'‬m doing it.  One will usually fail.  One might succeed.  And the last one will most likely succeed.
  18. Active participation is required to sustain one‭'‬s health and wellbeing.
  19. Creating something really neat, or doing something really well is a wonderful gift to yourself - worth the effort.
  20. Every exact mood and personality prefers its exact corresponding music, color, taste, smell, personality, texture, clothing style, entertainment, job, etc.
  21. Which one do you think is true: Jesus wants us to put Him on a pedestal and worship Him; or He wants us to pursue our path of enlightenment and He‭'‬ll help when appropriate?
  22. This world and the way our lives are, is totally intended to be how it is. It‭'‬s totally on purpose.  From this our job is to figure out our life‭'‬s riddles, transform our selves and become more whole and naturally happy.
  23. More confidence is gained by accomplishing things.
  24. Usually the more you are attached to or dependent on something or somebody else - the less of yourself do you own and have a grip on.
  25. Discernment will reveal that dark souls can come in many flavors (as well as souls of light). For instance they can be the prettiest, smartest, most degreed, greatest athlete, sexiest, best body, most talented, smoothest talker, most famous, strongest, wealthiest, the most successful, the best thought of, the most liked, the most fun, etc. At first glance, you just never know who‭'‬s really in there!
  26. True ‭"‬knowing‭"‬ isn‭'‬t so much of the mind thinking or believing, as it is of the "soul" and "being" touching and feeling.
  27. Some men fall in love with a woman‭'‬s beauty. They might not even really know the substance of person she is. The roots of these relationships are so shallow that they seldom last long or well.
  28. ‭"‬All mankind is one family, one people.‭"‬‭ ‬-‭ ‬Mohammed. Then what are all of these jihad Islamic terrorists doing if not just plain lawless criminals committing horrendous crimes against society?
  29. The wisest people are open and ready to learn all the time: from anybody and anything.
  30. Judging others is misdirected judgment. However judging yourself can be a very valuable asset (productive / constructive assessment of yourself).
  31. It‭'‬s worth it to keep striving and evolving towards being in a job where we fit, we enjoy it, and it matches our values.
  32. Working less hours and/or having a job that you like, while remaining financially fluid has a lot to do with having a quality life.

  33. A person becomes an adult when he/she becomes mature sexually, physically and responsibly. Many grown-ups don‭'‬t really quite get responsible, while there are many mature well-behaved children.
  34. Relatives, schoolteachers and religious teachers are parenting your children too.
  35. Meditation is good medication.
  36. Whomsoever has the bead should be the one to lead.
  37. Many go to build their ‭"‬dream-house‭"‬ while they aren‭'‬t at that ideal dream level in their own maturity and development. It usually becomes a quite frustrating and prolonged ordeal.
  38. This day and today's situations are my perfect environment to grow in!
  39. When a group or member of a society are too undermining and destructive to its society it must then be changed, contained or destroyed for the sake of the greater and more functional community, common rights and welfare.
  40. Many make spirituality whatever they want it to be - but in the end, only the truth can really set you free.
  41. Get over yourself and get on with your life.
  42. Parenting is about leadership.
  43. Appropriate boundaries and discipline are usually necessary before most children to learn to respect right.
  44. Generally speaking, each day, the more you eat early on (a good breakfast) the less you‭'‬ll crave later on.
  45. Happiness is not meant to be the goal, but is the natural by-product of right thinking / right living.
  46. Prolonged states of being unbalanced eventually downward spiral into cravings which if continued eventually downward spiral into addictions, which, if continued, can completely destroy you.
  47. Pay workers, teachers and employees a standard reasonable minimum for all -‭ ‬and for those who produce better (all things considered) let them have corresponding bonuses.
  48. Do you live for making more money to have, hoard or spend; or do you live for a better life to live (including a wholesome financial flow).
  49. Humbleness is an essential ingredient of wholeness that sometimes requires those stubbornly stuck to hit rock bottom to attain.
  50. Any money acquired through greed, or any form of underhanded manipulation, or corruption is corrupt money. The procurer of such money may think he has won but eventually his pain too will come.
  51. Don‭'‬t live for the future, nor long for the past, just be in this moment - happiness will last.
  52. Similar to having eyes that don‭'‬t see and ears that don‭'‬t hear, having your life and body but without connection or direction with the substance of your soul makes life rather meaningless.
  53. Lust is a delicious curse that can help you find your worst.
  54. If something is un-whole -‭ ‬it ultimately leaves you un-full.
  55. Children imprint off of their parents, others around them and their environment. Your presence, guardianship and good example are crucial for their best development.
  56. Self-realizing your potential is the great hope of this lifetime! So, whatever it takes and as long as it takes -‭ ‬go for it!
  57. If you reach unrealistically high, your liable to end up disproportionately low.
  58. How can those who treat others lower consider themselves higher -‭ ‬ignorant arrogance?
  59. The world is your classroom - and YOU are what is being learned.
  60. Your level of maturity and self-responsibility proportionately deserve their corresponding level of freedom, rights and power. No more, no less.
  61. Learn to understand and respect other‭'‬s differences and unique value.
  62. We‭'‬re in an age of guilty parenting, where we feel badly to correct or dictate and follow through as wise and caring leaders for our young children‭'‬s lives. They need firm rules and boundaries as much as they need tender loving care.
  63. If you don‭'‬t deal with the stress and pains from your past‭ -‬‭ ‬you‭'‬ll have less room to absorb and deal with the stress and pains of your present/future.
  64. To strive and work through difficult challenges that life brings to and affords you is part of how you develop and advance your soul, character and giftedness.
  65. Being in the flow where you are producing or doing more is more fulfilling and gives you more than not being in the flow, yet doing or producing much less.
  66. Where kids run -‭ ‬that‭'‬s what runs their lives. All too often this ends up being not so much their parents and a wholesome home environment.

  67. Often idealists, new-agers, and highly emotional people do not require sufficient evidence for the proof of truth. While the intellectuals, scholars, doctors, and scientist types may require way too much evidence for the sufficient proof of truth. Those who love and pursue truth the most, eventually balance these extremes for the sake of securing more higher quality truths for their higher quality lives and beliefs.  
  68. The technique of something is like its math. Technique with feeling begins to be art, dance, music, talent etc. Developed technique with sufficient heart and soul can become ‭"‬great‭"‬ art, dance, music and talent!
  69. Often the arrogant are so taken by their own talent, power, position or just favored idea of themselves that they are ignorant and in denial of their own shortcomings and human frailties.
  70. Sooner or later, the apathetic will be shocked back into reality -‭ ‬whatever it takes!
  71. That people are arguing is not a problem. But whether they are arguing constructively or destructively can be. One solves the problems and progressively endears, while the other agitates the problems, is dysfunctional and can be hurtful.

  72. Be a success -‭ ‬choose to bounce back from your set back.
  73. What‭'‬s your best awful experience ‭- ‬where you grew the most?
  74. Adversity training (tough love, rejection, failure, struggle, war, etc.) is often necessary for there to be adequate soul growth, though this is not the preferred way.
  75. ‭"‬Balanced‭"‬ diet, habits, behavior, attitudes etc. yield good health and wellbeing.
  76. It‭'‬s a pleasure doing business with a man of character. This is often more assuring than having a contract with others not so noble.
  77. Criminals thrive when their countries are too understanding and lenient.
  78. When people reach their pinnacle of corruption -‭ ‬they then bring on their own destruction.
  79. Sometimes a solid ‭"‬No‭"‬ will provide a chance to grow.
  80. "Maybe" keep your comforts ‭- ‬but don‭'‬t forsake your cause.
  81. Is your pet considered just a dog (cat, parrot, horse etc), or is it more like a dog person -‭ ‬with a unique personality, feelings, value and respected as a worthy evolving individual dog soul of God‭'‬s creation?
  82. Be divided and conquered: the more inner conflict and confusion you have, the less you will accomplish of your hopes, dreams, and successes.
  83. As one learns to faithfully listen to, and develop in accurately following his own intuition, his faith can grow as strong as steel!
  84. While earth is gradually moving into the 4th dimension, the 4th dimension is gradually becoming more available to us earthlings.
  85. The natural code of the enlightened is to ever pursue higher quality (all things considered).
  86. The more enlightened one is, the more he/she is constantly in touch with his/her intuitive God-core self where all is well and right action is compelled.
  87. Is the hatred of evilness enlightened? No! But right motive, right action, and being right with life are, and are often called upon to deal with and even fight evilness.
  88. How would fragmented selves pursue whole lives? Keep trying to do what is wise, right and whole -‭ ‬and that‭'‬s right where you will go.
  89. If you keep experimenting and pursuing, you can begin to find the foods (etc.) that you didn‭'‬t know you have been craving all of your life and your whole body would absolutely love.
  90. Support the ecosystem without undermining the economy. At the same time‭ - ‬support the economy without undermining the ecosystem. Our political stand!
  91. If you‭'‬re not humble,‭ ‬sooner or later you will need to be. As you then stay humble, you eventually become empowered. As you continue to be both humble and empowered‭ -‬‭ ‬you become more enlightened even yet.
  92. The ego, in and of its own nature, tends to separate.
  93. God is ever-evolving consciousness.
  94. The more stressed or out of balance one is‭ -‬‭ ‬the less good sleep is available for him.
  95. You can be incredibly successful, wealthy, famous, powerful, gifted, but you‭'‬re still just a person like everybody else too.
  96. Be the hero that you‭'‬re looking for.
  97. It‭'‬s in giving that you receive! It‭'‬s in developing, evolving, helping and maturing that your soul receives growth.  As you add to life - more is added to you.  This takes ‭"‬soul work‭"‬ to produce.  This explains the saying that it is in giving (soul work development) that you receive (advancement and good karma).
  98. The truly enlightened are not exempt from having to be just as moral as everybody else. They are not above morality. In fact their morality evolves, becoming more sensitive and answerable to even higher and finer planes and intricacies from being more perfect with life. They eventually become utterly appropriate.
  99. Earning or accumulating money is not a legitimate sole reason for living. Life is to be lived. It is the glory of life! Money is meant to be earned and spent to support that life; especially the higher quality life path.
  100. Service, need or greed‭ -‬‭ ‬what is your money creed?
  101. The less of your challenges that you meet, the more your character self-worth will deplete.
  102. It‭'‬s not so much which religion you‭'‬re born into, as it is making the most of the best of that religion, and being kind and supportive to life.
  103. U.S. Special Forces Motto: ‭"‬Liberate the oppressed‭"‬ (a force for liberation, not occupation, with compassion for those we free from tyranny).
  104. Clear and realistic thinking, new thoughts, pursuing further and better truths, and open-mindedness for truth keep your mind regenerating and improving.
  105. Three vital soul questions: Have you faced and successfully dealt with the issues your life has presented you with; how much of your potential have you tapped; how much have you contributed to the good of the whole?
  106. Dancing‭ -‬‭ ‬what a great way to enjoy losing weight!
  107. The Statue of Liberty motto and spirit in which it was made ‭"‬Liberty Enlightening The World‭"‬. We are now spreading democracy in place of hatred, injustice, oppression and terrorism. America is destined to lead the way and we must go out of our way to do it.
  108. Do you really want success? Then find and do the gift that‭'‬s in you. Give your gift to the world. Thoroughly enjoy your life, and take care of yourself too!
  109. Your marriage partner and your family are your team players. As one wins, every body wins. As one looses, everybody looses. You‭'‬re on the same team. Coach, communicate, do your part, and adjust what needs to be so that you all can win at the game of your lives against the challenges of this world and your own weaknesses.
  110. To some of you, it may seem like somebody else has ruined your past, but remember only you can ruin your future.
  111. One having great fame, extraordinary spiritual powers or experiences does in no way imply that he is egoless or should be listened to or followed.
  112. The common untrained ego has a disproportionate amount more: hurt feelings; immature emotions; strong and personal reactions; confusion; anger; moods; misunderstandings; judgments etc. than the ego that has been trained and transformed into the world of wholeness, enlightenment and spiritual obedience.
  113. God mandates that we (his creation) will evolve. If we don‭'‬t choose to evolve by wisdom, then it will be by the force of adverse conditions.
  114. To us parents, leaders, bosses, officers, individuals, etc -‭ ‬let us lead by the virtue of our example and wisdom rather than the mere title of our position.
  115. Pick your fights! Some fights just aren‭'‬t right to fight. Some are. Some fights aren‭'‬t productive enough to be worth fighting. Some really are. Some fights just aren‭'‬t worth it ‭- ‬too much loss for too little gain.
  116. The only lasting escape and true personal freedom is through enlightenment; it‭'‬s worth every effort to achieve during a lifetime.
  117. Don‭'‬t just take the easy way out. Take the right and best way through. Rather than extra problems and challenges this solves and rightly moves.
  118. Free will does not mean free-for-all.
  119. There‭'‬s a natural flow to life and everything. It has its‭ ‬own time and way. Listen for it. Join it. Your life can become very gracious and wonderfully successful with it.
  120. With enlightened discernment we learn to catch things soon enough, before they ruin us.
  121. There‭'‬s no place like home. And there‭'‬s no home like your own built-in God-center within. This is a place where problems get solved and needs get met: A never-ending calm within the chaotic storm of life. One can learn to get in touch here anytime and eventually all of the time.
  122. Your higher destiny is found on the other side of meeting great challenges.
  123. Hell eventually happens when one neither listens to nor responds to truth.
  124. If you want a happy life‭ -‬‭ ‬then do not harbor unhappy thoughts and feelings. Resolve them‭ -‬‭ ‬don‭'‬t bury them.
  125. If you need to be humbled and your time is overdue, then life will punch you over and over till you‭'‬re humbled through and through.
  126. Be careful to not let the gossip of lowered people influence you. It is often conceived of smallness and can be embellished to harmfully mislead.
  127. Having good intensions is not at all the same necessarily as doing God‭'‬s will‭ -‬‭ ‬but it‭'‬s going in the right direction.
  128. Is hell eternal? No‭ -‬‭ ‬hellish conditions only last as long as they are necessary for growth and purification of a soul.
  129. Every situation and experience can be used to grow from‭ -‬‭ ‬no mater how bad, unfair, dysfunctional, unexpected or miserable it seems.
  130. Ignorance, ignoring the truth, is a sure set-up for up-set.
  131. To succeed in life with less and less setbacks - obey all laws (within reason) ‭- ‬whether they are physical, legal, natural or spiritual laws.
  132. You cannot cheat on somebody without cheating on yourself too.
  133. ‭"‬Death‭"‬ be not proud! You can never override death so don‭'‬t get so cocky and arrogant. And remember 6 feet under knocks your pride asunder!
  134. Life is designed to challenge you to grow and improve. Work with it. Succeed if you will. It‭'‬s your life.
  135. Terrorism is like many species of sharks: They thrive in darkness; are vicious and savage; and are highly attuned and attracted to other‭'‬s fears and vulnerabilities to prey on.
  136. Most dictatorships have dictators for greed, profit and power; Not for the people.
  137. Walk humbly upright.
  138. I dedicate my life to life‭ -‬‭ ‬being more fully alive and more supportive for life to be better.
  139. All of your strengths, gifts, and ways (in their highest expression) are precisely designed to help support and fulfill life.
  140. Deep-whole breathing naturally will give you more breathing room with all aspects of your life.
  141. It may take a whole lifetime to adequately mature, grow, and learn how to fully appreciate a single moment.
  142. A good constructive argument can clean the air, regroup better strategies and understanding, and leave everyone more endeared.
  143. Be just too big and mature for the smallness in life.
  144. Each day has its‭'‬ own natural flow and design. Learn to work with it, cooperatively for more natural ease, grace and progress in your life.

  145. Life is a mystery for learning mastery. As we discover the secrets to mastering our lives and talents, our former hidden mysteries transform into exciting insights to how life works.
  146. As you use money wisely, spending when appropriate or when you are guided to, and being responsible and fair with it; it in turn, befriends you and becomes a common, generous, easy friend.
  147. As we support life‭ -‬‭ ‬life supports us.
  148. Good lives come from good management.
  149. Whether today your life is stormy or in sunshine, if you seek to make the most of it, you‭'‬ll do just fine.
  150. When all is said and done -‭ ‬it appears that one of the main hidden reasons some parents have children is so that they themselves can grow up.
  151. When the path and the goal become one:  doing what‭'‬s wisest and right for the moment‭ -‬‭ ‬everything else will fall into place.
  152. What are you physically doing to do your part in this physical world?
  153. The enlightened don‭'‬t seek to be put on a pedestal by others, but rather to support that all be raised more themselves into higher and greater ways of being.
  154. Your life‭'‬s path and potential is already prearranged. If you go within and get aligned with it, it will take you to your natural path, wellbeing and thorough success.
  155. The best politics supports both the best production and the best conservation.
  156. Being politically correct often replaces right and caring action. The first method seeks to undermine truth and the masses, while the second seeks to do wise, insightful, responsible and constructive behavior.
  157. Small precautions can help you avoid large catastrophes.
  158. Your holes, imbalances, addictions, comfort zones, illusions, attachments, indulgences, biases etcetera can yank you around like a puppet on a string, or can be used as such by others.
  159. If you don‭'‬t care or decide where you are going‭ -‬‭ ‬then any road will get you there.
  160. It‭'‬s neither your church nor your religion that determines your virtue, where you end up, or if your get to heaven. It‭'‬s your daily choices and motives that determine such things.
  161. If you‭'‬re not coming from the right place in yourself, then you‭'‬re not going to find the right place in the world that most perfectly fits yourself and that you will be most naturally satisfied with.
  162. Choose right or left:  do the right thing, or be left out of the game.
  163. We‭'‬re designed to be co-operative tools for the higher source and the greater force.
  164. Most strive for ego‭'‬s ambition. But those who are more whole strive not to be so ego driven.
  165. We‭'‬re not so much responsible for what others think of us as we are for what we do and why we do it.
  166. Some people have greater powers, talents, net worth, intelligence, etc. than the average person. This is not so much so they can get ahead of others, as it is for them to help others get ahead in life too. Of course they should be free to choose.
  167. They say that you only have one life to live. I agree‭ -‬‭ ‬and it‭'‬s eternal.
  168. Why are there problems? ‭- ‬to be resolved! Why do you have problems?‭ -‬‭ ‬to solve them!
  169. Feeling disempowered or sorry for yourself can take you spiraling downward even drive you to drink! Poor me‭ -‬‭ ‬poor me‭ -‬‭ ‬pour me another.
  170. Too many distractions can undermine effective action.
  171. You spend all of your time trying to get what you want, but eventually end up getting what you deserve.
  172. Maturity thinks before it speaks, while immaturity speaks before it thinks.
  173. If you have a hard time sleeping‭ -‬‭ ‬try soothing music.
  174. Some of you may be financially set for life. But the important question is‭ -‬‭ ‬how well is your soul set with life?
  175. You‭'‬ve heard‭ -‬‭ ‬I‭'‬ll try anything once! I would say rather -‭ ‬I‭'‬ll consider anything at least once!

  176. Ignorance is bliss‭ -‬‭ ‬until the other shoe drops!
  177. Loyalty is a wonderful character trait in that it is faithfully supportive: a real team player! However, what one is loyal to is just as important. Loyalty to good, productive, or helpful versus loyalty to negative, destructive, or ignorant determines the value or folly of your loyalty. Loyalty to right action is a great thing - supporting many happy returns. 
  178. Provide for yourself. Take time for yourself. And be kind to yourself while you demand more of yourself and your life.    
  179. Life designs and uses us to advance itself. As we evolve, we support this process even more.
  180. Living for something greater than yourself makes you greater than you would have been otherwise.  It helps you to get your littleness out of the way for the sake of the bigness of high quality purpose.
  181. As you observe your thoughts, habits, lifestyle and general approach to life, do you find that you are more living to die or dying to live?
  182. A concise way to explain karma is: you reap what you sow. This includes your actions, attitudes, motives, and their intensity.
  183. Life just keeps going along, and we just keep making our choices, and life just keeps going along, and we just keep making our choices. Each choice helps to design the future life streams that we will find ourselves in. This is our choice.  This is our chance.
  184. Mastering unconditional wellbeing comes before unconditional love. And if you truly have unconditional love, it is universal to all, and not just to your favorites and preferences.
  185. Courtroom ‭"‬legal procedure‭"‬ can sometimes suppress the necessary probing for more current and appropriate truths and solutions.
  186. Master your attitudes: ‭"‬be attitudes‭"‬. And get a life, instead of more strife.
  187.   ‭"‬Fit for life!‭"‬ Keep about you:
    1. A clear mind
    2. A strong presence
    3. Goodness of heart
    4. A healthy balance with life
    5. A happy and satisfied soul
    6. Meaningful contribution to life.
  188. One of Abraham Lincoln‭'‬s great qualities came from the depth and strength of his heart: his emotional maturity. He stood not so much to judge and punish, but to find livable solutions for all, and for the common good amongst many deeply rooted differences and desperate struggles.
  189. Deep listening is usually a key component for spiritual development and depth.
  190. A politically correct marriage: To maintain a good marriage, one must often address the state of the union.
  191. A harmonious marriage is not necessarily a good and happy marriage if one is too subservient under the other.
  192. Some of you might benefit from this advice‭ -‬‭ ‬Right now, cut up your credit cards and start paying them off.  If you‭'‬re married, join in team, and get mad at the debt instead of each other.
  193. There are hordes of affluent, permissive, trendy, ‭"‬spiritual‭"‬, or new age people who don‭'‬t know the difference between self- transcendence and self indulgence.
  194. Financing your child (ren) does not take the place of raising your child (ren). It does not complete the human and needed equation of imprinting, touch, and caring that your child (ren) needs. It can only help at best. Are you too busy to give of yourself for the best impact to your child (ren)?
  195. Natural grace increases as one‭'‬s ego-self decreases.
  196. You can do anything too hard or too softly. Both extremes are off balanced and therefore both are somewhat destructive. Keep on ever bringing them toward the balanced center to "Just Right‭ -‬‭ ‬Ah, life is good".
  197. Lessons of the hurricane: Like the mighty forces generated by a hurricane, which always still has a calm center, no matter how chaotic life is or seems to be, we always have a calm, clear, safe center within us too.  It‭'‬s true! The more balanced and enlightened we are, the less we leave, nor can be tricked nor pried away from the haven of our own built-in god center of well-being, accurate perspective and inspiration.
  198. Everything in your life is good for you‭ -‬‭ ‬even the ‭"‬bad‭"‬. The "bad is often placed in your life to shake up, wake up, and promote you to make a needed shift.
  199. What is your higher destiny most like: 
    1. You are the best at it?        
    2. You have the most fun at it?
    3. You do the most good with it?
    4. You get paid the most for doing it?
    5. You get the most attention for doing it?
    6. People like you the most for doing it?
    7. You feel the most empowered with it?
    Ideally, all seven would happen in your higher destiny, but for sure, #3 is essential.
  200. If you are in a miserable hellacious situation, you need to be asking yourself: What do I need to do - how do I need to change myself to constructively dislodge whatever part of me has attracted this into my life?
  201. The true reason for my life is to first seek, and eventually find more and more of my natural god center, get more and more right with it and life, and from there finally more and more profoundly do my higher destiny: the purpose for which the All-Knowing created me to be, do, contribute, and thrive. 
  202. A wise person doesn‭'‬t change his opinion based on what others want or think. He would, however, always consider their merit of wisdom.
  203. On one hand, always wanting peace and being peaceful brings more peace. However, if you are dealing with bullies, the arrogant, users, abusers, supremacy, the over competitive, manipulators, terrorists, or the hateful, being extra peaceful often brings to one more abuse, loss, degradation, subservience, attacks, damage, or even death.
  204. Although highly sought after by such, paradise is out of reach to the corrupt, selfish, and gluttonous. The two simply don‭'‬t exist in the same space.
  205. A core purpose for the press and media is to accurately inform the people of the events and facts from which they can then make wiser decisions.
  206. Better posture makes one more impregnable.

  207. You can both over-give and under-give to your growing children or aging parents. Both extremes are destructive. Pursue what‭'‬s best for them and right for you. Take care of the needs and discern which wants are appropriate to support. And remember, you count too!
  208. A great value that the dark side (both inside and outside of us) provides us is the profound challenge it is for our light side. Be thankful for this worthy opposition and challenge while you manage it, overcome it and transform yourself.
  209. Socially we can become so popular and cool that we become hurtful and cold.
  210. True enlightened detachment isn't numbing, escaping, retreating, or out of touch. Also it doesn't expect, over-react, or attach to life's situations. A person who is truly mature, enlightened and thus detached is able to be deeply centered and well functioning living amongst one's fellow man and in this world.
  211. Some people just talk at each other, while others really care, listen, communicate, relate, enhance and add meaning.
  212. Face your fears down (which you can always find a way to do) or uncomfortably continue to live in the shadow of their limitations and threats.
  213. In the game of life, it's not so much that you win or loose ‭- ‬or even that you appear to win or loose. It's more how you play the game and how you play you (yourself). Do what you can to upgrade you, your reactions, your character, and your performance. This makes you a winner.
  214. Are you a hurry-hurry, worry-worry, flurry-flurry type? Is it getting you anywhere? Is this how you want to live…‭ ‬the quality of life you want? Would you prefer a centered, peaceful, organized, guided, effective and/or fulfilling life? If you go after what you want and stick to it, you'll get it. Such is life. What life (quality and meaning) do you choose?
  215. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die (transform their ego's dominance, ignorance and undermining ways).
  216. That you were great at something in the past doesn't mean that you can continue to hang your hat on it forever. That was then! Your level of performance that you live your life today is the only thing that can truly fulfill this today. Living in the past is a form of dying in the present that undermines the future.
  217. Meeting numerous smaller goals in alignment towards reaching a greater goal is usually the only way of reaching the greater goal. It is the path that reaches greater goals. Well, what's now?
  218. These are three factors that will determine how your life will turn out: how you lived your past; how you live your present; and God's plan for you. Don't worry. If you do your part, God's part is a sure thing. No worries mate!
  219. Unmanaged hatred and ill will does way more damage than sincere war for peace and goodwill. Unmanaged hatred is at the root of the problem and can create the need for war, while fighting for the righteous good for all is sometimes necessary to extinguish the run of hatred and ill will. At any rate, your underlying emotions and attitude are what you're doing today that is definitely creating tomorrow. Your motive is crucial. For it carries the level of purity and constructive goodness of your intentions. And this is what you are judged by, your karma is determined by and your world becomes.
  220. On negotiations: temper; stubbornness; righteousness and condemnation don't solve anything, especially if they override a continual sincere pursuit to negotiate, grow and find better solutions for all involved. With mutual respect for everybody and utmost regard for truth and right action, good solutions can always be found.
  221. The true believer chooses and believes that fundamentally, come what may, every day is a good day. Some days are just better! No matter what its like, he makes the best of it. And thus he gets the best from it.
  222. How can I connect with my spirit guides? Ask to and seek to. Pursue truth and right. Follow their nudges.
  223. Freedom: Master the attitudes of unconditional well being by shifting your attitudes, actions, or perspectives each moment to becoming more at home and functional in your various situations and challenges. Do this versus trying to claim it only if you have the right co-operation, or space; or nationality; or time; or race; or conditions etc. Unconditional wellbeing must be mastered before you can have unconditional love.
  224. What I can give to this great world is much more meaningful, valuable, and fulfilling than what I just try to take from it for little ole me. It naturally supports us and we are designed to support and serve it.
  225. You can never trust criminal or hate-based countries, governments, or individual people to honor promises or agreements.
  226. Not only just seeing the stars, but also to reach and grasp the stars, your elevator must also reach the ground floor too. The higher you go, the more grounded you be, like the roots for a very, very tall tree.
  227. Hope does not help if it's desperate, selfish or ungrounded based. However, if it is natural, a general positive outlook and/or truly inspired, it helps to manifest what is hoped after.
  228. Grow through it, or go through it - again and again!
  229. Many grow old. Not so many grow up. One just happens. The other takes work.
  230. Make over: Reorganize your world (thoughts, habits, behavior, friends, lifestyle and possessions, etc.) until you are happy and fulfilled. Redo this whenever you begin to loose your quality of life. The better you do this the, more‭ ‬you win‭!‬
  231. Another way to describe peer pressure is identity theft. (You don't want to be an accessory to this either.)
  232. One aspect of enlightenment is that you don't fall into the trap of believing illusions and reaping the folly that follows.
  233. I surrender to the all-knowing, all-providing God-flow that uses me and my latent talents, energies, genius etc. to naturally assist in the manifestation of God' perfect plan. When I surrender and co-operate with God's will, God's will is done more in, and around, and through me, and "All Is Well"!
  234. May I steer my life from accuracy of info and not biasness of ego.
  235. Observe your reactive thoughts and impulses to different things that come into your life. Before you judge or impulsively respond, first consider what would be the wisest reaction and wisest course of action. It might be a cut better, and everyone can benefit more.
  236. Spontaneous responses only consistently work well when one is enlightened and your response is from a natural, wholesome wholeness.
  237. Discernment perceives while judgments have a bias. Both can be in agreement sometimes, but aren't coming from the same place.
  238. An enlightened fan of games and sports is one who appreciates the challenge and quality of performance far more than who wins.
  239. Your dedication and resolve can help you stand against temptation longer. However, a tempting or stressful environment wares on you every second, which deteriorates your potential. Why not do what you can to keep your perspective, keep yourself balanced, and keep the best influence and environment around yourself.
  240. To be all that you con be, and get the most out of your life, you must be both caring and kind to your self, and also, demanding of yourself for a continual upgrade of your consciousness and habits of life.
  241. Great crooks and con artists are often very personable and convincing. The same goes for many great speakers, politicians, lawyers, sales people, etc.
  242. Each of us has his/her very own destiny. This is what we're meant to find and accomplish each lifetime. There is something that stays restless and unsettled in us until we find each piece of it.
  243. We co-create our future. Part of our destiny is determined by what we commit to. You can commit to a higher path and right action or be stuck with what's left. So it's a no-brainer - take the initiative and commit to advance and upgrade, or be at the effect of this insane world and be committed to its' twists and turns of fate and struggle - like being committed to an insane asylum.
  244. How to succeed with your life: never stop seeking or pushing forward, no matter how it appears, whether you have gains or setbacks. Pursue with wisdom and in rightness.
  245. Intuition: If you get inner-knowings, and faithfully follow their promptings, you will usually be rewarded well. This is how you can develop profound intuition eventually.
  246. Easy isn't necessarily best. Best isn't necessarily easy. Just as easily the opposite can be true.
  247. Peace doesn't come through the ego generally. The ego separates.
  248. People exaggerate things because they crave more power, attention, and/or significance.
  249. You have those who are balanced and centered with reasonable and realistic perspective, and then those who go to the extreme right and left. Those extremes are basically of the same group who are more non-negotiable, more righteous, with less common reason and less mutual respect. How to be impassioned for a cause and reasonable at the same time come to many who care enough to find a solution too.
  250. One can get lost in the smallness of his/her huge ego.
  251. A good amount of exercise each week almost always will help your body, mind, moods, and perspective function and feel better.
  252. Fatal attractions: perfectionism; always getting extra attention; talent; beauty; fame; bliss; being a spectator; good sex; ambitions; power; wealth; etc., can be temporarily fatal to your development, character and/or well-being if you become obsessed with any of them.
  253. The fountain of youth is found within. Center, pay attention, and follow through. "You" have a great life that can be lived.
  254. When you're right with life, there's little room for cancer, disease, hard times, or premature death. These are a few of the good incentives to get your priorities straight. Begin your gradual makeover now!
  255. To obtain enlightenment, which comes from transforming one's lifestyle, consciousness, and behavior, one must face every fear, habit, belief, attachment, wound, indulgence, and every single day.
  256. Good families, with well-functioning and good family life, are the basis for good, and well-functioning societies and countries.
  257. We have a choice of which team that we're on: with our little ego self, or the universal all-providing flow‭ -‬ the creator and sustainer of the whole.
  258. The path of light eventually trumps the path of more darkness because of the finer and higher levels of discipline and development that are required.
  259. If you've got a gift, work with it! Don't just count on it. Maybe its’ counting on your help too!
  260. If you're acclaimed as "the best," then you'll be hunted by those seeking to take that away from you. Such is their ego, and a good place for your humble(ness).
  261. Temptations are traps set to support your lowering of yourself - Are you going to stand for that?
  262. The higher up you go, the more difficult will be your testing and challenges. Of course!  Would you want it any other way‭ -‬‭ ‬but to qualify for your advancements and get what you earn in fairness - being of that actual merit?
  263. Complete freedom isn't that you can do anything that you want to, anytime you want to do it. True freedom comes to you as you do wise and right over: convenience; temptation; ignorance; weakness; willfulness; or opposition; etc, and this becomes your very way of life.
  264. Fads are bad in that they tempt you out from your center towards "just things" that don't matter as much‭ -‬ as much as you matter.
  265. Some angry people were arguing in the kitchen where food was being prepared. Finally the cook told everybody to stop arguing around the food- "It's bad for people who will be eating it."
  266. No pain (effort) - no gain.

  267. No brain (applied intelligence)‭ -‬ no gain.

  268. No sustain (management and persistence)‭ -‬ no gain.
  269. Being famous and being a real hero are two entirely different qualities of character.
  270. Bad habits spend your money and wellbeing, whether you have them to spend or not.

  271. Your ego must be broken before you can be made whole (or reclaim your wholeness). Strategies to manage your ego: Notice when you want to:
    1. Brag or self-aggrandize
    2. Interrupt someone else
    3. Compare for the purpose of elevating yourself
    4. Cheat or take advantage of others for your gain
    5. Then choose not to engage in the behavior
  272. Sometimes you really need to take a brake before you break. Sometimes a 10-minute mini-vacation will do. Sometimes a regular vacation is called for. Please take care of yourself!
  273. Addictions will own and run you. You neither own nor run you yourself when and where you are addicted. If you don't get a hold of yourself, they are likely to run you into ruin. If you need help, get it. Then your dreams can come true.
  274. Truth is our common denominator essential for us to have peace. Fight your ego and biases for truth's sake‭ -‬ Peace unto you!
  275. Being current and on top of your life and responsibilities gives you more self-worth, well-being and it's easier on you versus being behind and back logged with your life. It's worth the up-front effort and it takes less energy in the long run.
  276. Do your best; accept the rest; relax and enjoy; seek balance and wholeness.
  277. Roughly 1/3 of American births are to single women. Yikes! Here's a suggestion: Develop first a wholesome relationship with yourself. Then it will usually develop to the point of finding a relationship with another. Work out the issues and mature into a wholesome fulfilling partnership. Finally you are truly ready to choose to responsibly bring in a new soul to the Earth condition‭ -‬‭ ‬a well-loved and prepared for child. Should it be any other way? If you're going to have sex, have safe sex until you reach the last stage.
  278. Those who feel that they have the right to be angry and blaming of God haven't dug deep enough for understanding yet. When one's ready the truth explains all very satisfactorily. Let's learn how this game of life is played and make the most of it.
  279. Your motives, choices and behavior are what create your future and character, which is your investment for your future. Now, just how would you like it to be?
  280. Caring wants to do what's right, wisdom discerns what is right to do, and courage does what's right, even against opposition or convention.
  281. Caution: Just because people exude confidence doesn't mean that they know what they are doing, are right or should be followed.
  282. Deal with what's in your face, or loose face and suffer.
  283. Life is designed to challenge us into our potential greatness. Only in self-mastery do we graduate to higher planes and better conditions.
  284. Some people could really use more no's in their lives. Some people really need more yes's. Eventually balance can be found.
  285. Discovering and becoming who you really are, and what you are meant to do, is your life's greatest mystery and where you can ultimately reach your fullest potential.
  286. If you are well established in your stable, constant God-self, then unpredicted change won't tend to catch you off-guard nor overwhelm you so much. Change is one of life's constant essentials.
  287. It's wonderful when you manage your life to the point that your career nourishes and satisfies both your self and your needs.
  288. If you don't like your self, or your life, or some part of your life, make different choices and upgrade your response to life. It's your life, which is your great opportunity.

  289. Are you current with the current (flow) for your life? If not, what do you need to do today to get back on track (in the flow)?
  290. Applying compassion, intelligence, and understanding lead to more wisdom and right action.
  291. Are you full of class, or is it just flash? Do you realize that these two more often than not will clash?
  292. In watching a travel show of the Caribbean it was very telling that the people of Cuba, with it's communism and dictatorship, were far more depressed, beaten down, hopeless, sad, hostile and suppressed than any of the other areas there. Democracy is the wave of the future for all humanity.
  293. Often it's true that the faster I go the further behind I get.
  294. You can't run away from your demons. They are yours until you face them and become their master.
  295. If you find yourself keeping step with another drummer, you might also likely find yourself out of step with your own beat.
  296. People often die because they've adjusted and learned enough from this incarnation so they are ready for their next life. No use grieving over a soul's advancement to their natural next step.
  297. Excessive over-spending is similar to excessive over drinking. The natural consequences of these indulgences can bring back to you a harsh reality check that you must eventually own up to and pay.
  298. Through mankind's over population, irresponsibility, neglect, greed and out-of-control egos, our home-planet, Earth, is getting farther and farther behind in adjusting and handling the strain and drain on her resources and well-being.

  299. Our journey is infinite. We never get "there" but can get more and more profoundly here.
  300. Are you buzzing along at 100 MPH and missing all the signs?
  301. Quotes put in side bar on daily insights page:
  302. Spiritual growth is when we change parts of our shadow side and our not-so-perfect Higher Self or Soul transforms right along with us.
  303. Spiritual growth is a daily choice.
  304. Bringing too many children into the world without sufficient family and community support, stability and wellbeing is a curse to them, their parents, their community and the world: Overpopulation of generally (but not always) more limited and dysfunctional people.  This gradually brings down everybody, the quality of life and our quantity and quality of resources, while the poverty, social dysfunctions, crime, morale and general irritations go up.
  305. Each day - what do you live to do?  (You can always adjust this, if you are not satisfied with your life.)

  306. You can tell a lot about people through their eyes and body language.
  307. Take every opportunity to make peace, without betraying too much principle.
  308. After your basic needs are comfortably met, if you rely too much on the outer or material world to fulfill you, rather your own development, talents, and nature as an individual dynamic person, you're heading for a meager level of satisfaction with your life.
  309. There can be no freedom without enforced laws of conduct to referee mutual rights and necessary limitations.
  310. We need to forgive - forgive ourselves and others.  Everything is left afoul until we do.  Somewhere in us keeps festering until we do.  It makes that part of our life rotten, spawning  "bad" thoughts, attitudes, dreams and events.
  311. Having a satisfying quality life has as much to do with your attitude, thinking process, and behavior as it does with what's going on around you and in your world.
  312. All too often, our personal lives, families, interests, and spiritual pursuits are compromised due to "excessive" material desires, financial pursuits, and incurred debt thereof.
  313. The exploiters and the greedy are frustrated in communism and abusive in capitalism.
  314. We are part of nature.  As we support it, it supports us.  As we abuse nature - our life support system begins to degrade and then we begin to fade.
  315. Disappointments are inevitable.  But their level of pain, destruction to you and duration are often more up to you.
  316. Enlightened business: You do a good job; You support your company; It more and more supports your financial, creative and whole person needs; You both produce a valuable quality product and service for consumers and the greater whole; and the company is appropriately compensated and made prosperous.
  317. There are 3 basic ways to approach business or your life: to endure getting through each day; escape; or with more passion, meeting challenges, getting better opportunities and pursuing meaningful purpose.
  318. Many people live from indulgence to indulgence with little meaning or purpose in between: a spoiled and affluent society will inevitably go down.
  319. Many employees and employers have sunk to the same debasing mercenary level of approach to their work -‭ ‬it doesn't matter so much what we do or where our loyalty should lie as much as how much money can we make‭ -‬‭ ‬destructive, immoral, corrupt or not.
  320. The true function of lawyers is to resolve conflict and differences fairly. How well they do this is their true worth in life and for mankind.
  321. A good economy is based on supporting what's best for the consumer, what's best for the workers, what's best for the company, what's best for life (all things considered).
  322. When we can no longer change our outer circumstances, we must then change ourselves to reasonably coexist.
  323. To find your authentic true gifts or vocation‭ - ‬1st notice your interests‭ -‬‭ ‬then follow them (be true to yourself)‭ - ‬then naturally your passion kicks in more and more as you do this. Your passion naturally gets spurts of inspiration. You can become a realized gifted person.
  324. We need to be effectively raised into wholesome, mature and effective adults usually by our parents and/or by ourselves, before we can be "ready" to raise our own children.
  325. It's never too late to practice somehow righting a wrong or healing the past if it's still stuck and not set right yet.
  326. Actual love and light, that you put into anything or anybody, always makes a difference, whether seen or not.
  327. Doing what's only best for your self is barbaric.  While doing what's best for yourself and considering what's best for others too, brings the most wins for yourself and also for others in the long run. This sustains a win/win for all.
  328. Life will grate on us until we shift and become accepting of and grateful for the lesson at hand being taught to us by life. As we maturely grow this way, we begin to enter into our great potential and greatness of being.
  329. The more that you do, while also seeking to improve, helps you become more confident and competent. These are the gifts from experience, maturity, and intelligence to you.
  330. Are you always going somewhere or doing something, but never actually getting anywhere nor fully being where you are nor fully doing what you are doing?
  331. Which would you choose: higher salary or more happiness, more time for you, and more time for your family?
  332. Quality versus quantity‭ -‬‭ ‬would you rather: have a very satisfying meal, or eat a lot; have a good reliable vehicle, or numerous problems cars; have a sweet-heart that means everything to you, or numerous "any port in the storm" type relationships; have 3 really satisfying TV channels, or 103 hit or miss stations; a life that's simply on target and fulfilling, or one where your racing from one thing to another to try to not miss out on anything?
  333. For the best health, wellbeing and enjoyment‭ -‬‭ ‬it helps to pursue the healthiest, purest, and freshest food and water.
  334. For the best health protection‭ -‬‭ ‬heal the whole person and practice prevention before you're left with unwanted contention.
  335. Are you un-centered (off-balance), self-centered (egoed), or centered (whole and right with life)?
  336. The greater one's enlightened intelligence is developed, the simpler everything seems‭ -‬‭ ‬due to the actual rhyme, reasons and non chaotic divine order inherent in all of creation.
  337. There are those who are visionary dreamers, then there are those who are not‭ -‬‭ ‬and then there are those who are visionary dreamers and will also do the effort to make their dreams come true to valuably contribute for the good of the whole.
  338. Capitalism for the greedy or not‭ -‬‭ ‬charge others whatever you can get out of them, OR, charge a reasonable price for a reasonable product and make a reasonable profit‭ -‬‭ ‬a win for the buyer, for the seller and for the product.
  339. Every problem that you find yourself in is on purpose from life‭ -‬‭ ‬for you to experience and/or grow from. Your job is to keep working to transform them until they are straightened out.
  340. The "true greatness" in a soul will seek greatness in the amount of beneficial contribution it gives to the whole.  Whereas, a great ego will seek "great recognition" for what it claims to do.
  341. Thank you‭ -‬‭ ‬sincere appreciation for the: rain, air, food, entertainment, music, cars, roads, flowers, dance, planes, friendliness, schools, internet, job, technology, relatives, friends, family, health, clothes, jewelry, the system, nature, freedom, phones, my potential, etcetera.
  342. Much greater world population, along with greater common buying power, materialism, and less natural wholesomeness all demanding upon a more damaged and depleted ecosystem is heading toward a real world crises of mass dysfunction.
  343. For the best love-life (intimacy), you not only need mutual respect and love, but also you both need to become fine-tuned and responsive to each other as well as communicating of your needs and preferences to each other.
  344. Is bigger (more) better, or is better (higher quality) bigger, in your opinion?
  345. While you work on your golf game‭ -‬‭ ‬your golf game works on you (challenging your self-mastery).
  346. As you forgive others more‭ -‬‭ ‬you are forgiven more.
  347. Many are in business to leverage unfair profits‭ -‬‭ ‬seeking profits that they don't deserve and haven't earned.
  348. Anybody who truly knows how "karma" works, would never unduly force, manipulate or cast spells over others for self-gain.  They'd have to be mentally deranged.
  349. The amount of freedom that a child is allowed should be proportional to their maturity and level of potential for problems where he or she will be.
  350. Schooling and intellect can help you theorize and think about something‭ -‬‭ ‬while with experience you begin to more mix with, understand, become used to and even masterful with the subject involved.
  351. For the fullest development of your mind and your emotions and your body and your spirit‭ -‬‭ ‬each need to be both taken care-of and challenged.
  352. Sometimes‭ -‬‭ ‬the only way you can get the fruit (goal or reward) in life is to "risk" going out on the limb, even to the skinny branches where the fruit is found.
  353. Success occurs when one keeps "growing" through failures and experiences until he or she succeeds.
  354. As you undermine and hold another person back‭ -‬‭ ‬you are creating the karma for being undermined and held back yourself.
  355. What you experience and perceive as you look at anything, has as much to do with your unique point of view as it does with the experience that actually happened. We all see and experience most things at least slightly differently.
  356. As you judge and blame others‭ -‬‭ ‬you are also somehow imprisoned in your own issues, judgment and blame‭ -‬‭ ‬still in the jungle‭ -‬‭ ‬unforgiving and impure.
  357. Whom you associate with, reflects on a part of you.
  358. It's often better not to eat as much, than to eat too much of the wrong food. It's better to do less action, than to do much wrong action. It's better to be more alone, than to be too much with the wrong people. It's better to have less money, than to manipulate for dirty money gain.
  359. The lowliness of man has turned many of a religion into mere meager superstitions‭ -‬‭ ‬often one against the other, or just as destructive - against truth - our final savior!
  360. Whomever you exalt, you give power to.
  361. Find your own natural built-in high and whole.  Don't get hooked on artificial ones, for they can never fully satisfy you.  There is always something missing‭ -‬‭ ‬all too often it's you.  They tend to have side effects that don't sustain your wholeness and wellbeing very well.
  362. The ego‭ -‬‭ ‬expansive littleness!

  363. She was so busy in her own beliefs that she couldn’t hear the truth.

  364. Sometimes you need to say your piece to keep your peace.

  365. The thing about karma is that it will follow you home everyday until it has had its complete and full say.

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