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Another approach to Meditation©
Self-Mastery Exercise # 8: Using Meditation to its Fullest

By Sharmai Amber with Keith Amber
Excerpt taken from Steps to Enlightenment ©

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When I first considered meditating, a friend told me that it wasn't so much the insights that she got during the meditation, but the insights that popped up during the day after she had meditated that were valuable. After now meditating for over twenty years, I agree that stilling the mind can bring a calmness that facilitates insights all day long. It is also a rich time in which you can pursue many other things such as:

On the ethereal plane where our higher selves live, we have active, involved parents just like we do on the physical plane. Parents on the physical plane are for one lifetime, whereas on the ethereal plane our parents are of the soul—which is a much longer commitment. In my higher self's case it was primarily my ethereal father that raised me and taught me disciplines such as meditating. Yes, our souls do meditate.

Many people do not meditate because they feel that they are doing it wrong. They believe that if they can't get their mind still, then it's not worth meditating at all. Based on a lengthy book I once reviewed covering all the rules on the proper way to meditate, I can understand these folks' frustration. Rigid rules don't allow for a natural intuitive meditative flow. My ethereal father taught me a meditation that is very effective. Over the years I have found my way back to this meditation. Perhaps it will work for you.

An Effective Meditation

To start, make a request to your light guides for clarity and answers regarding pertinent issues in your life. Keep it simple and don't focus on more than one or two issues per meditation. When you get the information you seek, thank your guides for their help.

Find a consistent twenty to thirty minute block of time when you won't be disturbed. Surround yourself with things that are special to you, like an altar with crystals, flowers, or your favorite icon. Have a pad and pencil ready next to you. Next choose a position that works for your body. My body will not fold into the lotus position, so I sit in a chair. Take a few deep breaths, which signals your body that you are about to meditate. You can also hold a crystal in your hand pointing it inward if so desired. With closed eyes, focus on your breathing for about five minutes until a calm settles through you.

Now, let your mind wander freely: notice where your thoughts go. Notice any unfinished business that surfaces and jot it down on the pad lying next to you. Make an agreement with your mind that you will listen to its concerns for five minutes. When you are done meditating attend to the items on your list. The mind settles when it knows it has been heard. This is also a great way to keep current in your life. If you don't tend to the list later, this process won't work. The chatter in your mind is there for a reason. There are things you are not attending to in life. Whether it is your to-do list or unresolved emotions, your mind is there to keep you current. If you keep putting these things on the back burner, they never go away and your mind keeps reminding you until you tend to them. If you have very challenging issues, keep working on them until you finally break through.

Next, CHOOSE to stop all thoughts. Choose a blank mind. As soon as you notice that a thought has begun, stop it. It's a wonderful respite from the burden of thinking. Don't judge yourself when a thought appears as this reverses the entire process. Simply stop the thought yet again. Each time you might manage five to twenty seconds of a mind without thought. When you are in a state of 'no thought' it is difficult to know how long you have been gone because as soon as you assess or notice the time, you are back in thought. In this space without thoughts, you experience total peace and your vibration naturally rises as the weight of thoughts are absent.

It is in fact the weight of the negative thoughts that you allow yourself to dwell on repeatedly that, over time, descend down into your body until they settle around the corresponding body organ (see Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life) and begin the process of dis-ease. Any negative emotion you are stuck in will most certainly surface while meditating and block the path to enlightenment. You want to notice which thoughts are recurring, set them aside for the period of meditation, and then later apply the methods outlined in chapter 9 to learn how to permanently release these negative and destructive emotions and thoughts.

Continue this process of releasing thoughts for about five minutes as you slide into deeper peace. It is usually difficult by this point to discern where your body stops and the chair begins. Although it will feel like a tingling is permeating your body, in reality you are feeling your light body. This is a true, drug free high that is always accessible. While it is the experience of bliss that many seek, it is not a practical place to live. Being a sage on a mountaintop in constant meditation has its value. However, we can positively affect many more people by being enlightened and engaging in this world.

When you are in a state of 'no thought' it is difficult to know how long you have been gone because as soon as you assess or notice the time, you are back in thought.

Sometimes during this period of no-thought, words will float into your mind from your guides. Your attachments live in your thoughts and emotions. When these thoughts and emotions are put to rest your guides can send through brief messages. You will know it is a message from your guides when it is new information or when it resonates in your entire body like a knowing.

During your final five minutes of deep and peaceful meditation, while your ego and mind are more at bay, ask your guides of light if they have any messages for you. Messages can be sent telepathically or via a snapshot vision or brief movie. Sometimes both visions and words are sent together. Profound messages are also often accompanied with confirmation chills sent throughout your body.

When the guides do not respond and you need answers, spend this time living in the question. This searching is likened to sending a beam of light out from your third eye with the question, “I wonder how or why...” that scans the universe for answers. Do not settle for easy or immediate answers, but wait until the answer resonates deeply inside of you. In this meditative state this is easy to notice.

At the end of your meditation time, move around slowly and enjoy the deep state of peace. Then when you are ready, follow through on the list generated.

Other forms of meditation can include listening to guided meditations, reciting a mantra, walking around a lake, or sitting in nature. The options are only as limited as your own creativity.

When the guides do not respond and you need answers, spend this time living in the question.

For those who find it impossible to still the mind even for a second, keep practicing. Sometimes it can take years to reach that space, but remember every time you meditate you are still getting other benefits. Stilling the mind will be especially difficult for those heavily stuck in negative emotions and those whose mind and intellect are excessively trying to control their lives. In such cases it is extremely challenging to stop the mind for any period. These obsessive behaviors never allow you to fully rest. If you find you are in one of these categories, a good place to start is with the sigh of relief or with mindful breathing several times a day.

If you are not used to meditating it might be good to begin with two minutes several times a day, where you focus on deep mindful breathing. This practice will give you the initial sense of inner calm and help you to begin to sense your center. As this becomes easier, you can stretch the time longer and add additional techniques to your valuable quiet time.

Self-Mastery Exercise # 8: Using Meditation to its Fullest

  1. Take the to-do list that you generated during meditation and work on completing it. Our lives are busy and we don't always have time to do it all. However, it is important to begin and chip away at it every day. Notice what types of issues keep coming up. Is there a pattern you can identify regarding which items you resist addressing? Do those first.
  2. When recurring emotions surface notice:
    • Which emotions keep coming up?
    • Why are they coming up?
    • What are they covering up?
    • Recurring emotions centered around an old wound usually are pointing to a lesson that you need to learn. Ponder what lesson is there and notice which part of yourself you need to change.
  3. Follow through on any guidance received during the meditation.

Please share this information with all your friends and family!

Excerpt taken from Steps to Enlightenment ©



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