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For Health Issues:

1-32 oz Glass E-5 Ellis Water

1-8 oz Willard Water

1-4 oz Colloidal Silver Mister

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1-month supply for 1 to 2 people

1-32 oz Plastic E-5 Ellis Water

1-32 oz Willard Water

1-16 oz Himalayan Salt

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Steps to Enlightenment Book

Inner Child CD

The Mirror CD

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Retails for $63

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Steps To Enlightenment Book

Inner Child CD

Stay Centered in God in the Middle of Chaos

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Here’s what you’ll find on our site:

The Healing-Reading Psychic work Keith offers is seasoned, rich and informative, offering insights and strategies. He also offers Wisdom Toning Series© CD’s he did in concert with the Spirit Guides for meditating or drifting off to sleep with.

Keith also had a hand in writing Steps To Enlightenment© with Sharmai who channeled a high Spirit Guide for it. This book will take anyone that is on a spiritual path, neophyte or seasoned, further and further on their path, as far as they want to go, especially through the numerous exercises sprinkled throughout the book.

Sharmai and Keith also write a daily Blog and add spiritual insights and nuggets on their Facebook page regularly.

The Spiritual Articles page offers many topics to choose from. And if you are curious where you are on your spiritual path try our Free Quiz. We also have over 200 archived hour-long Radio Shows from our 7 years on radio.

In Our Work We Cover All Things Spiritual:

Finally, we have spent 30 years on spiritual paths upgrading our physical bodies to enhance our clarity, wellbeing and immune system that we might serve better from more refined levels. This search has uncovered some phenomenal products that enhance longevity and, in concert with a spiritual lifestyle, create the Fountain of Youth. We offer this spiritual lifestyle throughout these pages and these products to you in our Fountain of Youth Store. We offer: Steps to Enlightenment©, Wisdom Toning Series© Meditation CD’s, Keith Amber, Spiritual Therapist and Psychic Healer/Reader, John Ellis Water Machines and Water, Ultimate Concentrate Willard Water, Himalayan Salt, Recreational Oxygen Concentrators, , and Ultra Absorbent Colloidal Silver. We swear by each product and use them daily in our lives.

A Peek Inside

We recently got an email from a visitor that asked a great question. Our answer, in a nutshell, gives you a feel for who we are and how we got here:

On Jan 24, 2014, at 8:13 AM, wrote:

Greetings ~ ! Namaste.

I came across your site this morning and wanted to know how it is that you know how the law of karma operates?

I'm curious to know how someone discovers and publishes 'the steps to Enlightenment'...Does this mean you consider yourselves 'enlightened'? If so ~ exactly what do you mean by the word?

Thank you for taking a moment to answer if you chose to.


Date: Fri, January 24, 2014 12:06 pm To:

Since each of us, my husband and I, have been children we have pursued finding out about God, truth and why we are here on earth. We worked daily on becoming better people by changing ourselves. We transformed our dark sides increment by increment for years and years. This utter dedication brought the highest teachers to our assistance to help show us how to further improve ourselves, how to see from broader, cleaner perspectives, and to understand many of the universal laws that apply to those who live on earth.

Enlightenment is not black and white. Rather it is incremental. There will always be those less, and more, enlightened. To be enlightened is to understand the universal laws as applied to Earth and LIVE THEM DAILY with every breath, thought, action. We strive to do this daily. Only God knows how well we succeed.

The book Steps to Enlightenment is channeled from a very high Guide here to help humanity.

Keith's work as a brilliant healer is based on enlightenment as well.

Rates for a session with Keith:

$150: 1 Hour
$75: 1/2 Hour,
$40: 1/4 Hour

Call 808-776-1191 Now To Book (you are calling Hawaii)
International number 001 808-776-1191

*Sessions also available on Skype, call or email to schedule a time. 

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